I'm a composer, sound designer and sound engineer.


Hailing from budapest via Bristol, Seres is an US-based composer specializing in dramatic soundscapes.  He studied Audio and Music Technology at UWE Bristol, where he focused on sound design, film and studio recording, music production, audio programming, and interactive-generative digital art.  During his studies Seres spent a year in Berlin collaborating with artists at the Hungarian Cultural Institute creating installations of interactive audio-visual new media art.  Upon his return to Budapest he launched a successful career in composition for television and film before relocating to the United States.



Seres has been composing original music, creating sound design, recording on location, and sound editing and mixing for moving image productions since 2012.  His innovative, cinematic, and tailored approach to music composition has been employed in numerous European TV commercials as well as critically acclaimed short films Portrait and Boglarka.  He has a deep knowledge of audio software including Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Cubase,, Logic Pro, NI Kontakt and Max/MSP in addition to professional studio hardware and synthesizers.  


Seres creates his theatrical soundscapes by integrating acoustic instruments and hand-built modular synthesizers to create a sound that is simultaneously nostalgic and innovative, melancholic and uplifting.  He feels most inspired by scores that are dramatically electrifying while remaining delicately moving.  His passion has always been to experiment with new ways of creating sound and musical textures through the blending of acoustic, classic analogue, and cutting edge digital technologies.  Visual material springs to life under his signature soundscapes which are rich and dramatic with a subtle quality that is uniquely his own.  He has a penchant for sonic branding and his music imprints upon the listener a quality which is hard forget.    


Personal Projects

For over a decade Seres has been producing music for his solo project Seres and conducting numerous live, gear-heavy electronic music performances across Europe and Asia. 

Some Clients: